Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Global Coherence Lock-In Room

This is a wonderful experience so I am passing it on...

From the Global Coherence Initiative- Go to

Meditate with the rest of the world, raise global coherence and feel the energy!

It gives us great joy to announce that the Global Coherence Lock-In Room is now up and running. GCI members from around the world are now presented a wonderful opportunity to focus coherent heart energy in unison toward any area or circumstance of the planet they feel is in need of intentional heart care and compassion.

The simple truth is these are turbulent and unsettling times in so many locations around our world. We received so many member requests this last year for a way to direct focused care and intention at the same time as other members that we felt it necessary to develop that capability. The result is the Coherence Lock-In Room. It will remain open at all hours every day. Just enter from your My Member Page on the GCI site.

We are starting with three synchronized sessions every eight hours daily, but again, you are welcome to visit the site to do coherence lock-ins anytime. If you prefer to do a lock-in with a larger group, it is best to arrive at these designated times, when we anticipate the largest gatherings will occur.

At present the designated times are 4 a.m. noon and 8 p.m. PDT. The following Web site is one of many time conversion sites for determining the number of hours’ difference between your local time and PDT – Pacific Daylight Time – which is observed, for example, in San Francisco and the rest of California in the U.S.A.:

We certainly want to encourage you to join with family, friends, co-workers and others, whether they are local or halfway around the world, in the Lock-In Room at designated times or times of you’re choosing to send out your collective coherent energy.

To view the Coherence Lock-In Room: Go to GCI Web site., first log-in, this will take you to My Member Page and from there you can click the Coherence Lock-In Room link and enter into room. You must be a GCI member to enter the room, membership is free, click here to join.

First time users, please click into the Session Guide (Help) to learn about all of the options available to you.

Here is a recap of the Lock-In Room basics noted above and other features of this new coherence tool:

Enter the Coherence Lock-In Room from your My Member Page on the GCI Web site. (Java required for viewing. If you use dial-up to access the Internet, you may have some limitations using the Lock-In Room, including inability to view the globe.) Please view the Session Guide (Help) for more technical help.

In the Waiting Room, you will find the most current GCI Care Focus.

A gold dot on the globe will let you see the location of other participants in the lock-in. When you’re the only one in the room, the globe won’t show any gold dots.

There are buttons to zoom in on the globe and to rotate the globe so you may see the location of participants or closer view of a particular area of need.

During lock-ins, you may choose either the audio feature with a voice guide and music or the mute button for text assistance only.

There are three designated sessions every day at 4 a.m., noon and 8 p.m. PDT.

You may enter the room for a lock-in at any time that is convenient for you.
Beta Testers Review the Lock-In Room
GCI conducted beta testing and the feedback from participants was generally very favorable, with testers noting that the Lock-In Room tended to increase the feeling of connectedness and focus. (The beta testers were anonymous.)

"I like watching the globe. It helps me concentrate on the feeling of compassion."

"I like the idea that we can come together from all around the globe to send our love and compassion out. Makes me feel even more connected, I guess we are all part of the field."

"I loved knowing that there were others participating at the same time. The guided meditation process is very helpful to get quiet."

"The world spinning before me helped me think and feel beyond my own life to the much bigger life of the world."

"After a while, I found the music was a bit of a distraction. Then I realized how to mute the sound."

"I loved the music and the voice. … I used my emWave® during the process."
We think you’ll find the Coherence Lock-In Room to be an excellent tool for taking your intentional care and compassion to a more focused and effective level. We also believe you’ll find it is an easy and intuitive tool to use, with everything you need to get started right there on the site, including a Help link at the top of the main page.

During the GCI Anniversary Celebration, Lock-In and Webinar, the Steering Committee members will talk about the project’s first year accomplishments, and plans for the next year. The GCI GCMS project coordinator will give an update on the GCI’s research and technology. You’ll get to participate in a live Heart Coherence Lock-In, and during the one-hour Webinar we’ll present a visual, step-by-step walk-through on how to use the room, so don’t miss it. To sign up, click here.

With care, compassion and coherence,

The GCI Steering Committee

P.S. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at

Global Coherence Initiative 14700 West Park Ave., Boulder Creek, CA 95006 | tel (831) 706-2981 | fax (831) 338-8504 |

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Are All Connected!

Science of The Heart

Heart - Brain Interactions

Recent discoveries have shown that the heart generates a mysterious and powerful electromagnetic field. In this video, Rollin McCraty, Ph.D, Executive VP and Director of Research for the Institute of HeartMath, explores the scientific basis for understanding the amazing ways that we are connected. ....

Click on the link:

Heart Focus Breathing

Another tip from the Heart Math De-Stress kit!

Heart-focused Breathing to reduce stress and anxiety.

Practice breathing while imagining your breath passing in and out through your heart area or the center of your chest. Envision yourself as taking a time out to refuel your system by breathing in an attitude of calm and balance (like breathing in an emotional tonic to take the rough edges off).

The key to making this exercise effective is to generate the true feeling of calm and balance. You can substitute calm and balance at times with breathing the feeling of appreciation or compassion (or whatever attitude you choose to breathe). This can be done in a quiet place or while walking, jogging, and even in a conversation once you get familiar with it. It’s very helpful for reducing anxiety, anger and mild depression.
Here is the short version of the above technique for quick reference:

1. Imagine the breath passing in and out through the heart or the center of the chest.

2. Breathe an attitude of calm or balance (or whatever positive feeling you choose) to help restore balance.
Heart-focused breathing is being taught by doctors, nurses and clinics throughout the world. It’s especially helpful during times of crisis or whenever you experience anger, anxiety or emotional overload. Heart-focused breathing exercises can help you shift stress-producing attitudes more quickly and reset your stress tolerance baseline.

I recommend that when your energy is low or you are feeling anxious you stop whatever you are doing, close your eyes, take a 3 minute break and do this technique. This is a very quick and effective centering practice.
Breathe deeply and be in the moment!

Marion & Tracy

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Matrix- Great messages

Quotes from The Living Matrix

“The reality is that science is a story told in installments, and every new chapter often times refines or completely changes what has come before.” Lynne McTaggert

“When you’re processing with your brain, you are broadcasting fields.” Bruce Lipton

“The brain is closer to a receiver and transmitter of information, not the central repository of that information.” Lynn McTaggert

“The existing control system of modern medicine is enzymes, and hormones. Not consciousness. Not emotions. Not body field. . . We find this a bit inadequate to explain the whole majesty of human behavior and sickness. . . it’s impossible.” Peter Fraser

“The placebo effect is the fact that a belief that a person has can override their biology. Science has recognized that at least one third of all healings – including drugs, surgeries and other allopathic interventions—one of all healings has nothing to do with the process, but has to do with the placebo effect.” Dr. Bruce Lipton

“Sending an intention “that I am better,” sending information with belief that “I am better,” is sending information to the body to correct itself. . . A thought is an actual physical energy too, and it sends information to the body as well. So a negative thought or a thought about being ill is sending a scrambling to the body in a sense.” Lynne McTaggart

“It’s been very well demonstrated that our belief system effects how we behave and how we perform. . . It also effects our lifestyle, so that if we don’t believe that we can help ourselves, we probably cannot. If we don’t believe that positive information is useful to our health and well being, it probably won’t be.” Edgar Mitchell, PhD

“…the role that our intention, our consciousness plays in healing has yet to be understood, and in fact has been largely rejected by mainstream, established medicine. You know it’s time for us to bring these qualities of healing into the mainstream conversation about what is necessary to create an optimal healing system.” Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, PhD

“If we change our interaction with our environment, we change our genetic potential ….so there is nothing fixed in our biology. It’s always changeable. Since we are not fixed… all of a sudden you realize how powerful you are as an individual in controlling your gene expression rather than buying into belief of victims of genetic determination.” Dr. Bruce Lipton

“One of the fundamental things that has to change in the future of medicine is this focus on the gene as being the solution to every illness.” Lynne McTaggert

“The heart actually sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. . . If we look within the nervous system at the parasympathetic branch, ninety percent of the nerves are carrying information from the heart to the brain. . . What the heart is sending to the brain profoundly affects brain function.” Rollin McCraty PhD

“. . . There is some other informational field perhaps which informs the entire body. . . These are unresolved questions in biology, but nevertheless it . . .suggests that there is something like information that is as essential and maybe more fundamental than even the material or energetic part of us.” Dean Radin PhD

“There is an information flow in our bodies . . . Our intuitive information is really of a quantum nature. . . what we call our intuition is our sixth sense when in reality it should be called our first sense.” Edgar Mitchell, PhD

“We have such a thing as the perfect hologram. There is the perfect you. There is the picture of you as a healthy person always there. . . We get stressed by a million different things; all of these stressors act as information upsetters and distorters. . . Our idea is that all you need to do is correct the . . . information in the right part of the energy hologram of the body. Once you stop the distortion, the physiology begins to work; the chemistry comes right; and there are really wonderful healing stories to be told here. Peter Fraser

“We’re on the threshold of an entirely new understanding of how disease happens, how information is transferred, and how to enhance information transfer within living systems.” Peter Fraser

Think out of the box and create yourself anew! Everything is possible!

Marion Ross Phd.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Color and Sound Healing Class with Tracy Latz M.D. & Marion Ross Ph.D

May 1, 2009 by docmarion

Please join us for our Color and Sound healing Class on May 5th in Mooresville, North Carolina at 6pm.
Learn ways to use color and the vibration of music and toning for rebalancing, de-stressing and healing ($150/person).

Location: Lake Norman Integrative Psychiatry office (Meditation Room): 116 South Main Street suite 301. Contact or contact to register for classes or seminars.
Check out our website for details at:

Hope to see you there!

Marion Ross PhD & Tracy Latz M.D.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Think Out Of The Box

People who think they are crazy enough to change the world often do!

Great inspirational video:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SHIFT YOUR LIFE Seminar Schedule April-May 2009


April 15, at 3pm Reiki For Children

In this Reiki for kids class we will teach how to sense energy, self healing and how to heal pets and plants.
Contact: for registration and directions.

April 16, 1pm to 5:30pm Energy Medicine

Learn how to Optimize your health, increase your vitality and overall well being by working with your body's own energies.Contact: for registration and directions.

April 17, 9 am to 5 pm EFT

We will be teaching, demonstrating, and practicing a unique form of Energy Psychology called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) commonly called “tapping”. EFT creates changes at an energetic level, therefore, it can treat almost any physical, mental, or emotional issue.
Contact: for registration and directions.

Mooresvile, North Carolina

May 5 at 6pm Color and Sound Healing

Learn ways to use color and the vibration of music and toning for rebalancing, de-stressing and healing ($150/person). Location: Lake Norman Integrative Psychiatry office (Meditation Room): 116 South Main Street suite 301. Contact or contact to register for classes or seminars.